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Sujata is the tale of love between a Brahmin man, Adheer (Sunil Dutt) and an untouchable woman, Sujata (Nutan). Brahmin couple Upen and Charu bring up the orphaned Sujata. Although Upen is fond of the adoptive child, his wife Charu and mother can never fully embrace Sujata because she is an untouchable. They never fail to remind Sujata that she doesn’t belong amongst Brahmins. Will Sujata be another victim of Casteism or will she be able to bring about a change in the caste based mentality.Nutan won the Filmfare Award for Best Actress.Bimal Roy won the Filmfare Filmfare Award for Best Director.Subodh Ghosh won the Filmfare Award for Best Story.Sujata won the National Film Awards (1959) All India Certificate of Merit for the Third Best Feature Film.

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Comment (45)

  1. My God..this is called movie..true movie… every aspect of movie is beautiful.. be it acting or direction..I must say nutan is the best actress ever in Bollywood..

  2. बिमलदा की फिल्म इनसानोंको कुछ संदेश दे जाती हैं, यह फिल्म भी बेहतरीन बनाई गई है, अछूत जाती की अंधा विचार वाकई अंधा विचार है यह सभी कलाकरोने अभिनय अच्छा कर के साबित किया हैं , खासतौर पर अभिनेत्री नूतन ने जान डाल दी हैं |

  3. I read the story first. The story, I believe, has never been translated into any other languages. I have read Sobudh Ghosh's all stories and a few novels. Some plots are very unique. This one is completely revolving and evolving around one character. In the story, dialogues are less but emotions, feelings, and expressions play the main role.


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