Devdas Pakistani New Urdu Full Movie Nadeem Shah, Zara Sheikh & Meera. (SUBSCRIBE) TO watch more.

Artist: Nadeem Shah as Devdas
Zara Sheikh as paro
Meera as chander mukhi
Director: Iqbal kashmiri
Music composer : Wajahat attre
Music arranger: uttam Singh India
Writer: Rasheed sajid
Poetry: Saeed Gillani
Choreographer: khannu samrat
Singers: Asha Bhosle, Shreya ghoshal, kavita Krishna murty, Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigham.
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  1. The story of Devdas is as old as time. It tells a story of family tradition between the haves and have nots, lost love that was nurtured by a deep childhood friendship that went beyond classes, regretful actions of a bad decision that affected the main characters’ lives forever and the ultimate tragedy as a result of Devdas’ failure to act decisively and timely. Of the many film versions I’ve viewed, Nadeem Shah gives the best and most authentic performance of Devdas at his weakest moments as a result of love lost. I like how the movie opens with Devdas making passage by train to his final tragic end to meet his undying love, Paro, which would ultimately be denied. This opening scene shows what can happen when we fail to grab an enduring chance at love with the one who loves us the most. Devdas unknowingly embarks on a slow suicide and finally tries to return to his lady love before he dies. Mr. Shah physically and emotionally demonstrates a man who is lost in the depths of his own personal despair. In the end Devdas is gruff, regretful and pathetic in his tempered alcoholic state, a clear departure from the character who had it all when he first returns home. The music and noteworthy performance of the entire cast makes this version of Pakistan’s Devdas memorable for all time.

  2. ajeeb ishq kiya he Mah Bap ko bhola he Paro k muhabt me mgr hr dosre sin p naye kapre nahi bhola he . aor akhir me jo Paro k Gao Dev Babo jata he to us k Gande pe Chadar hota he jub nikalta he to kot pehainta he Ajib Dev Babo hhhhhhhhhhh


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