Chhote Sarkar (1996)(HD) – Full Movie – Govinda – Shilpa Shetty – Superhit Bollywood Movie

Amar Saxena is a businessman, and the Managing Director of prestigious company. One day while leaving from a meeting, he meets a beggar named Jagmohan, who calls him Rohit, and asks him to return home to his ailing wife, Seema. Amar denies being Rohit, but feels sorry for him and gives him some money, which Jagmohan declines to accept. Curious at his refusal, Amar offers to help. He visits the hospital and gets to meet Seema, and ends up falling in love with her. The fact he does not know is that Jagmohan and Seema are plainclothes police officers, who have been assigned to incriminate him for the murder of Ram Kumar Saxena, Amar’s uncle. Has Amar murdered his uncle?


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Comment (4)

  1. Видео было поддельным, я искал и, наконец, нашел оригинальный фильм,
    эта ссылка ⇒
    Это отличный фильм, я вижу его постоянно. Вы также должны увидеть … Я просто хочу поделиться с вами всеми любителями кино. Не игнорируйте, вы не пожалеете, увидев это. Я ЛЮБЛЮ ДРУЗЕЙ

  2. Ek bat ki samaj nahi ai. Jo rohit ki kahini banaya gaya wo ek kahini thi Jo amar ko bataya gaya tha . Jo conference me baki character ko pehnsan dene ka kya jaroorat tha.samaj gaye na mera bat


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